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Eco-literacy: Sustanability principles through school vegetable gardens

Slow Food Illes Balears promotes ecoliteracy or the systemic learning of sustainability principles to primary school children through school vegetable gardens. This is a structured model that facilitates comprehension of the process of food, from seed to plate. It is inspired in programmes developed by scientist Fritjof Capra and cook/activist Alice Waters, vicepresident of Slow Food.


In 2007 we published, together with local group Poc a Poc and Namaste magazine, the Spanish and Catalan version of the Eco-alphabet, and distributed 15,000 copies of it amongst primary school teachers.

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ECOALFABETO, Fritjof Capra (cast.) - PDF
ECOALFABETO, Fritjof Capra (català) - PDF

Rethinking School Lunch-Guid - PDF


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