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Terra Madre Illes Balears: network and annual gathering of Local Food Communities

Terra Madre is the most ambitious project of the international umbrella organisation. It is, all at once, a project, a network and a gathering, and it incarnates the philosophy that guides the Slow Food movement. Terra Madre, the International Network of Food Communities, connects 5,000 farmers, 1.000 cooks, 400 universities and 1,000 young activists from more than 150 countries, who all meet every two years in Turin (the homebase of the international movement) at a forum of debate, exchange and fake cartier brilliant watches cooperation.

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The project aims to support small local sustainable economies, producers of exceptional food products, and is driven by the conviction that the way to achieve a significant result is to add and multiply local actions within a global vision. The farmer or producer is the central axis of this network, and the main protagonists of a new gastronomy.

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Our participation as observers in Terra Madre 2006 encouraged us to create the Balearic Islands convivium. With this philosophy in mind, we have worked to create a cohesive network of producers of good, clean, fair products in the Balearics. With this aim we visited each and every one of the farms that are in our Food Guide of good, clean, fair food products. This intense work has allowed us to obtain first-hand wholesale nfl jerseys information about the product, the producer and the methods of production. The network is alive and continues to grow, as we strengthen the links with the producers, who are the foundation and the driving force behind our work. 


Every year we celebrate a gathering to strengthen our bonds even more:

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